Relay Tutor Corps

First-hand experience
shaping young minds.

Program Overview

Relay Tutor Corps is a semester-long program in which  undergraduate students gain valuable experience working as tutors and mentors in elementary and middle schools in their communities.

Learn practical teaching skills that will make a difference in student learning.
Find the joy that comes from helping a student achieve a “lightbulb” moment.
Help kids discover their potential and spark a desire to learn.

Program Details

  • Houston, Texas
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
Program Content

You’ll tutor a small group of elementary or middle school students, helping them build confidence and achieve key academic goals. You’ll learn effective teaching skills and techniques and receive ongoing coaching and development. Program sites are located in Houston and New Orleans.


You must be a college student with a GPA of 2.75* or higher (*we will consider promising freshmen and sophomores with GPAs of at least 2.5) and be able to meet the commitment of tutoring two times a week at a local school. You must submit a completed application with all supplementary materials by the deadline.


Students will receive a scholarship payment for their participation (exact amount TBD).


This program does not offer teaching degrees or certifications.


step 1

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2017 Relay Tutor Corps. Eligible applicants (see eligibility requirements above) should submit an interest form to indicate that you wish to be considered for Spring 2018

step 2

Applications for Relay Tutor Corps will be available Fall 2017. 

“The best part of the program was getting to know my students and watching them grow and improve throughout the semester.”
Ya’nique Gordon
Relay Tutor Corps, Houston 2016


+ When does Relay Tutor Corps start? How long is the program?

Relay Tutor Corps is a semester-long program that takes place during the spring semester. The program begins with an initial training session held in January, and tutoring will continue through late April.

+ What kind of training is provided?

Tutors will participate in several training sessions throughout the course of the program. These Saturday sessions are led by Relay faculty and help tutors apply basic relationship-building skills to their work with their students. With regular support of Relay staff, tutors will be confident in their abilities to help the elementary and middle school students they serve.

+ What experience do I need to apply?

In 2017, Relay Tutor Corps will take place at various school sites in New Orleans and Houston. In future years, we anticipate offering the program in additional cities where Relay campuses are located. Information about specific site locations is provided to applicants as it becomes available.

+ What time does the tutoring take place?

The specific days and times when tutoring occurs will vary by school site. Schedules are set to align with tutor availability, and this information will be shared with tutors at the beginning of the semester.

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