What is Relay’s mission?

Our mission is to teach K–12 teachers to develop in all students the academic skills and strength of character needed to succeed in college and life. Our students deserve the best tutors, teachers, and school leaders.

Relay will bring about transformational change across teacher preparation, and will become a place where a new generation of continuously improving, results-focused individuals can fulfill their destiny in the world’s greatest profession. 

How many graduate students are enrolled at Relay?

During the 2016–17 school year, 2,000 teachers and 400 leaders are enrolled at 12 campuses across the country.

What is Teacher Pathways?

Teacher Pathways is Relay’s initiative to grow our country’s teaching force in number, diversity, commitment, and impact. The Teacher Pathways work focuses on finding new ways to recruit and develop teaching talent, and aims to engage future teachers with the experiences and opportunities that will lead them to pursue teaching with enthusiasm and skill.

Why should I become a teacher?

There are many reasons to become a teacher. Here are a few that are most important to us at Relay:

  1. Teaching is an expression of love. Every child needs a champion. Teachers are heroes serving students and their communities.
  2. Education creates freedom. Studies affirm that highly effective teachers not only raise student achievement in the short term, but they also significantly improve their students’ long-term life outcomes.
  3. Great teachers are made, not born. You have the potential to become a great teacher, and Relay has the tools and expertise to help you reach that potential.

Our Programs

Relay Summer Experience

An intensive, six-week summer teacher prep program for college students. Earn a scholarship and gain valuable experience teaching summer school to elementary and middle school students.


Relay Teaching Residency

A graduate-level teacher prep program that allows you to earn compensation, a teaching credential, and a master’s degree in teaching — all while learning from the most successful teachers and school leaders.


Relay Undergraduate Residency

A paid, multi-year teaching program that college students can start as early as their junior year, while enrolled in a full-time degree program. Program completion results in a teaching certificate and a master’s degree in teaching.


Relay Tutor Corps

A semester-long program in which undergraduate students gain valuable experience working as tutors and mentors in elementary and middle schools.

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