Should I
a Teacher?

Our kids deserve the best.
And so do you.

Why should you become a teacher?

The reasons are endless, but here are just a few.

Change the World

Do you dream of a life of impact and meaning? Teachers shape young minds and build the future. They focus the lens through which students view themselves and the world they live in, empowering a generation of young people to become engaged citizens.

Inspire Curiosity

All kids, no matter their zip code or parents’ income, are born naturally curious and ready to learn. Great teachers develop that curiosity into a purpose and lifelong commitment to learning.

Live with Purpose

Wake up every morning with purpose. Drive to work rehearsing your lessons in your head, planning a special connection for a student, and reflecting on how you can improve from yesterday. Go home laughing at a cute comment made by a student, or at an ‘aha’ moment experienced by your class.

Be Yourself

Becoming a teacher is really about becoming your best self. It’s you at your most thoughtful, committed, funny, daring, and confident. It’s you ready to take on the world, and ready to teach others how to take it on, too.

Prepare to become a teacher with the support of experienced mentors.
Be the change you want to see in yourself and your world.
Join a community of educators who live and breathe social impact.

Take the quiz

Try the Teacher-O-Meter

It takes more than preparation to become a teacher. It takes desire and a unique set of personality traits. Find out if you have what it takes!

Question Not really Maybe Definitely
1 Have you always loved working with and learning from diverse people?
2 Were you sometimes called bossy growing up?
3 Do you take your work seriously — but not yourself?
4 Are you obsessed with achieving goals — and helping others achieve theirs?
5 Are you naturally curious and a relentless learner?
6 Do you identify creative solutions to complicated problems?
7 Do you like an action-packed, high-variety day?
8 Do you enjoy being part of a community?
9 Do you love working with kids?
10 Do you dream of making an impact on the world?

"Relay helped me discover the power and magic of teaching in ways unimaginable."
Aaron Caldwell
Relay Summer Experience, New Orleans 2016

Our Programs Helping You
to Start Your Career

Relay Teaching Residency

A graduate-level teacher prep program that allows you to earn compensation, a teaching credential, and a master’s degree in teaching — all while learning from the most successful teachers and school leaders.


Relay Tutor Corps

A semester-long program in which undergraduate students gain valuable experience working as tutors and mentors in elementary and middle schools.


Relay Summer Experience

An intensive, six-week summer teacher prep program for college students. Earn a scholarship and gain valuable experience teaching summer school to elementary and middle school students.


Relay Undergraduate Residency

A paid, multi-year teaching program that college students can start as early as their junior year, while enrolled in a full-time degree program. Program completion results in a teaching certificate and a master’s degree in teaching.

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